What are the Best Pill Crushers?

*Note: Before purchasing, check with your medical provider to ensure it is safe to crush your pills. The products discussed on the site are independently selected. At no extra cost to you, things you buy through our links may earn us a commission, which will allows us to maintain the cost of running this site.

Best Pill Crushers to Buy

Medline NONSK0500 Silent Knight Pill Crusher (Best Overall)

Overview: The Silent Knight pill crusher made by Medline is a stationary lever action pill crusher. This pill crusher is made for people with arthritis and other ailments to easily use. To help prevent cross contamination of crushed pills, the Silent Knight comes with 50 reusable pill bags. At once, the Silent Knight has the ability to crush up to 10 pills and tablets of different shapes and sizes. In my opinion, the Silent Knight is the best crusher on the market. I recently purchased one for my mother, and she loves it! Compared to similar products, the Silent Knight pill crusher is a durable product that continually produces perfectly crushed pills.

You can purchase more reusable bags here.


  • Easy to use for all ages
  • Pill bags prevent cross-contamination
  • Easy storage and organization of pills
  • Durable/long lasting


  • Not made for travel
  • Pricey

Pillsteer 3-in-1 Pill Crusher, Cutter, and Splitter (Most Versatile)

Overview: The Piillsteer 3-in-1 pill crusher is a very good multi-tool. It can cut/split, crush, and store your pills/tablets. It is made with BPA free plastic, has an easy to grip exterior, and is designed with a secure lid for travel. The one concern with the Pillster 3-in-1 pill crusher is its durability and ability to consistently crush pills into a fine powder. Overall, if you are looking for a pill crusher that can split pills as well, this is you best option.


  • Multi-tool
  • BPA free
  • Made for travel and on-the-go
  • Great value 


  • Questionable durability/longevity for daily use

Ezy Dose Ezy Crush Pill Crusher and Grinder (Best for Travel)

Overview: The Ezy Dose Ezy Crush pill crusher is a small and easy to grip device, and is perfect for travel. The pill stores up to 4 average sized pills and is capable of crushing many pills at once. Lastly, it comes with a clear collection chamber to ensure your pill is fully crushed.


  • Good for travel
  • Stores pills
  • Capable of crushing multiple pills at once
  • Easy to use
  • Inexpensive


  • Cheaper plastic
  • Poor durability

Graham Field Pill Crusher, Metal (Heavy Duty)

Overview: The Graham Field pill crusher is one of the most heavy-duty pill crushers on the market. Made of metal, this device maintains a consistent pill crush for years to come. On top of the durability, the Graham pill crusher is corrosion-resistant and chrome plated.


  • Heavy-duty
  • Durable/long lasting


  • Expensive
  • Heavy

Ezy Dose Ultra Fine Cut Nā€™ Crush (Best for Small Pills)

Overview: The Cut Nā€™ Crush pill crusher is a pocket sized multitool perfect for traveling. It comes with a pill cutter, crusher, storage area, and a small drinking cup. The product is inexpensive, but can not handle larger pills.


  • Small for travel
  • Multi-tool that includes a small cup
  • Affordable


  • Poor quality/durability

AUVON Mini Pill Crusher (Easy to Clean, Easy to Use)

Overview: The Auvon Mini pill crusher is made of a rust resistant porcelain, creating a shiny, white elegant look. The porcelain makes it easy to wash, which will allow it to last longer, if used properly. The Auvon pill crusher is small and perfect for travel. To properly use, the pills must be grinded and not smashed. This will prevent cracking throughout the body of the device.


  • Porcelain body makes it easy to wash
  • Small for travel
  • Good pill crushing ability
  • Affordable


  • Easy to crack
  • Two separate pieces
  • More manual

Kraftura Stainless Steel Pill Crusher and Grinder (Best Crusher with Crank Handle)

Overview: The Kraftura pill crusher is a tall cylindrical body with a crank for easy grinding, The crank arm can be folded in for easier storage. The Kraftura has a clear collection cup at the bottom, allowing you to see the final product. The stainless steel pill crusher is easy to disassemble and clean. The user can grind many pills and tablets at once, but larger pills may need to be split in half, while coated pills will not work.


  • Easy grinding
  • Easy to disassemble and clean
  • Clear collection cup
  • Stainless steel
  • Durable


  • Can not grind coated pills
  • Large pills may need to be split in hal

Pill Mill Pill Crusher (Stainless Steel and Durable)

Overview: The Pill Mill pill crusher is a lightweight, stainless steel device with a tall cylindrical body, and crank arm for easy grinding. The Pill Mill is durable for everyday use, but is not the easiest to disassemble or clean. The device has the ability to crush as many pills, at once. 


  • Grind many pills at once
  • Very durable
  • Stainless steel
  • Viewing windows


  • Hard to disassemble and clean
  • Can rust if it doesn’t dry properly after cleaning

Carex Health Brands Ultra Pill Crusher

Overview: The Carex Health Brands Ultra pill crusher is an inexpensive pill crusher with a screw-like top to grind the pills. It is small and works well for travel, since the whole device screws together for easy storage. The bottom piece has no padding and some people have stated that it can be unpleasant to use. The Carex pill crusher is dishwasher safe, and the cap comes with small storage. The device is made of cheap plastic and has been known to break after consistent use. Lastly, you can only use small pills. 


  • Affordable
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Small and portable
  • Storage in the cap


  • Poor durability
  • Small pills only

Pill Crusher Overview & FAQs

What is a Pill Crusher?

Pill crushers are devices that make pills easier to take. These, easy-to-use, devices turns pills into powder, which can be taken be mixed with water or food.

Why should I use a Pill Crusher?

Taking pills is something that millions of people have to do on a daily basis. These pills can range from a daily vitamin to a life saving pill. Unfortunately, some people have difficult time swallowing or have pills that are simply too large. This is where a pill crusher allows people too easily take their medication.

Why should I use a pill crusher device instead of a homemade product?

Pill crushers are designed to “maintain the pharmacokinetic properties, therapeutic efficacy and safety of the medication.ā€ When using a homemade device, you run the risk of altering the medicine dose. Pill crushers provide an avenue for you to mix your crushed medicine with a food vehicle such as water, juice, jam, yoghurt, honey, or applesauce.” [1]

How so I swallow my larger pill?

One of the best ways to swallow large pills is to crush them. Instead of struggling to swallow a large pill, use one of the pill crushers mentioned below, to easily consume your large pills through water or food.

How to use a Pill Crusher?

Pill crushers are super easy to use! Based on the device, a few cranks or twists will turn your pill into a fine powder.  

Can I use a pill crusher for my pet?

Pill crushers can be used for pets. Crush their pills and mix it with their food or water. *Note: Please consult your vet before crushing your pet’s pills.

Where can I buy a pill crusher?

You can buy pill crushers at online at most major retailers like Amazon, Walgreens, and CVS. See below for details of the top pill crusher on the market, and links on where to buy them.

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